Monday, November 19, 2012

How To Make a Sand or Water Balloon Weight

I am going to show you how to make a sand weight. Directions for making a water weight can be found at the end. To order the supplies for making these or your balloon decorations, you can visit The Balloon Gal's Store or click on the links in the supply list.

To watch the video for these instructions, click here.
Now let's get started.....

To make a sand weight, you'll need:
  • a 2-liter filled with play sand (you can get a 50 lb. bag at your local Home Depot for only a few dollars)
  • 2 11 inch Balloons
  • a 260 - cut in half

Step 1: Twist one of your 11" balloons, until it's about the size of a pencil, and slide the other 11" balloon over the first one, it should look like the picture on the right.

Speed Tip: Slide a balloon stick into the first balloon, then slide the balloon-covered stick into the second balloon.


Step 2: Stretch the neck of the balloons, as shown to the left, and place around the neck of the 2-liter. Turn the 2-liter upside down and squeeze the sides of the bottle to force the sand into the balloons.

SPEED TIP: Use a balloon pump to add air into the balloon, twist the neck so the air doesn't escape, then stretch the neck of the balloon over the bottle's neck. Squeeze the balloon to force air into the bottle and when you let go, the bottle will fill the balloon with sand

Once you have the amount of sand you need in the balloon, pinch the neck of the balloon and carefully remove it from the bottle. Tie off the neck of the balloon (as shown on the left).

TIP: To attach to your decorative balloons quicker, tie half of a 260 onto the weight, just below the knot (as shown on the right).

To make a water weight:
  1. insert an 11" balloon into another 11" balloon, as shown above
  2. stretch the neck around a faucet, no need to pre-inflate
  3. while holding the neck of the balloon in place with one hand, slowly turn on the cold water with the other hand
  4. when the balloon is heavy enough for your balloon decor, turn off the water, pinch the neck of the balloon, and pull of the faucet. Knot the neck of the balloon
  5. add a 260 for easier assembly later.

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