Monday, November 19, 2012

How To Make an Easy Table Centerpiece

I'm going to show you how to make this easy centerpiece for your table. If you don't have all the supplies you need, you can buy them at The Balloon Gal's Store or click the link(s) in the supply list below.

This centerpiece uses a jumbo foil, I don't recommend using any foil balloons over 30" unless you are going to hang them.
To watch the video for these instructions, click here.

To make this centerpiece, you'll need:

Step 1: Inflate 2 5" balloons with 6 pumps.
Step 2: Tie the balloons together as high up on the neck as possible, this is called a duplet. Repeat until you have 4 duplets.

 Step 3: Twist two of the duplets together, this is called a quad. Repeat until you have 2 quads.

Step 4: Place the sand weight under one of the quads. Grab each end of the 260 and pull it through the quad as shown on the left. Tie the ends together, with the weight as tight to the quad as possible.

Step 5: Inflate the 12" Link O Loon to about 45 pumps and tie off.
Step 6: Place the inflated Link O Loon on top of the quad and pull the neck of the balloon through the weighted quad. Figure 8 the neck through 2 of the balloons on the quad.

TIP: Keep the quad as close to the balloon as possible for added stability.

 Step 7: Place the other quad on the top of the Link O Loon and figure 8 the tip of the Link O Loon through 2 of the balloons on the quad.

Step 8: Inflate the jumbo foil balloon until it's smooth on the center. Be careful not to overinflate as it may cause the balloon to burst.

TIP: When making balloon decorations with foil balloons, try to make them in a room with the same temperature as the room they will be used in. If the room will be colder, the balloons may shrink. If the room will be hotter, the balloons may burst when the air inside them expands.

Step 9: Roll the tail of the foil balloon around the 260 as close to the balloon as possible, and tie.

 Step 10: Attach the foil balloon to the top quad the same way you attached the sand weight to the bottom quad.

TIP: If you want to make this centerpiece with a foil balloon that is larger than 30", have it inflated with helium.


Use the jumbo foil balloon to make a centerpiece or two for the head table. Then, use the coordinating 18" foil balloons to make centerpieces for the guest's tables.

To make a smaller version using an 18" foil balloon, use a 6" Link O Loon inflated to 6 pumps and 8 5" balloons inflated to 3 pumps. (When underinflating balloons, push the air to the top of the balloon before tying the neck.)

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